Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Atlantic City Votes to Ban Toy Guns

Fake guns
Shawn Bertke, manager of Rich's Pawn Shop in Dayton, Ohio, has two guns for sale that look virtually alike. At left is a $45 Crosman BB gun; the other is a $1,200 real AR-15 rifle. (Chris Stewart/Dayton Daily News/MCT) (Chris Stewart)

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Atlantic City officials voted last week to ban the sale of toy guns.

Gladys Luardo-Hemple said she doesn't allow her grandchildren to play with the toy guns, and believes children need to learn what they are, even if they are fake.

"Parents need to talk to the kids and explain the dangers of guns," Gladys Luardo-Hemple said. "Some of these toys look so sophisticated, they look real."

The ban, introduced by Police Lt. James Sarkos to Atlantic City Council, prohibits the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms, except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns.
Paulsboro Police Chief Chris Wachter said he doesn't know how much of an impact the ban would have until a study was conducted.

"It's a very serious issue across the country, the toy guns are very realistic in the weight, the way they're designed," Wachter said. "If it didn't have the bright orange tip, you'd have no idea it was a toy AK-47."

Not One More

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Big Bruvver, or community action?

A few days back, there was a brutal attack of two gay men in Centre City Philadelphia.   The key evidence in the attack is a video showing a group of about a dozen white men and women in their early 20s who are "clean cut" and well-dressed.

These are type of person I am expected to trust with a loaded firearm in a public place.

Anyway, the victims were able to identify their attackers from the above video.  The case was broken  after a Twitter sleuth identified the mob via photos and their social media accounts.

I should add that one of the victims lost his bag, which included a cell phone and credit card that was picked up by one of the women in the group.

Now, if the person who had lost his bag had a gun, would he have had the time to have used it?

Of course, despite this being a brutal attack, the people involved may not do jail time.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Question of the day.

Is this the America YOU want to raise kids in?

You gotta love open carry, they make it so much easier to make the pro-gunners look really fringy.  Not that they need too much help to do that anyway.

Quote of the Day

"I don't believe in the Right of the People to bear arms…It's a shame you would rather be armed than have good sushi."

Are these people your enemies?

According to some reports, a total of 13 people were arrested in connection with this video by Iranian authorities who said this "vulgar clip" had "hurt public chastity".

According to a report from the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, the group was found guilty of "participation in the making of a vulgar clip" and "illegitimate relations between members." Five of the participants were handed six-month suspended jail sentences, while the director reportedly received a one-year suspended prison term. Each group member was sentenced to 91 lashes.

Tip of the hat to Bob Bateman for this idea.

Karma is a bitch