Friday, April 18, 2014

Incredibly, Arizona is Becoming Even More Gun Friendly

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House Bill 2338 gives prosecutors in the state the ability to charge those who wrest a firearm from the hands of a gun user who was not in violation of the law with felony aggravated assault. Democrats contested this bill because the act of taking a gun from another is already a felony in the state. The measure passed the Senate by 21-7 but since that body amended it, it needs to be voted on again by the House before going to Brewer’s office.
If Gov. Brewer signs House Bill 2517 into law, local city and county boards who implement ordinances that are more strict than the state’s own gun laws could face fines of up to $5,000. Besides the fine, it would also allow the state to sue individual local lawmakers who establish such an ordinance. These types of preemption laws, modeled after Florida’s long-standing statute are growing across the country. HB2517 passed by a vote of 17-12 and has been transmitted to the governor.
“To protect Arizona’s law-abiding gun owners from a confusing patchwork of local gun laws, the state enacted a firearms preemption law over a decade ago. Unfortunately, some public officials are willfully ignoring the law, and they need to be held accountable,” said Catherine Mortensen, an NRA Spokesperson to Thursday. “House Bill 2517 would finally hold local governments accountable for imposing gun control schemes that go beyond state laws.”
Yet another measure, House Bill 2103, which would allow military members who are at least 19 years old to obtain a concealed carry permit in the state, is also on Gov. Brewer’s desk. It passed the senate Tuesday by a 20-10 vote..
Of the five bills, House Bill 2339, which would allow Arizona’s 200,000 concealed carry permit holders to enter buildings, including most public buildings, that had ‘no guns’ signs posted, brought the stiffest resistance. The measure excludes those with enhanced security measures such as courts as well as schools and universities. While it passed the Senate by a narrow 16-12 vote with 2 abstentions, it is not guaranteed to be signed by Brewer who vetoed similar legislation at least twice before citing that, “Emotions can run high”.
We have whittled down our CCW laws over the last 10 years where they are unbelievably laughable,” Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, said about the concealed carry expansion, arguing there is little difference between those licensed to carry a concealed weapon and those who are not. “Just about anyone can obtain a CCW license.”
Governor Brewer is expected to make a decision on the pending legislation in coming weeks.

Can You Name Bloomberg's Two Big Mistakes in this Interview?

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Grand Funk Railroad Credited with The Best 2A Song Ever

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Add a new type of recognition to the resume of Grand Funk Railroad, the Flint rock band that sold millions of albums in the 1970s and once sold out Shea Stadium faster than The Beatles. 

In a column from "Prepper & Shooter Magazine," Editor-In-Chief Vincent DeNiro calls Grand Funk's 1976 song, “Don’t Let Them Take Your Gun,” the "most pro-Second Amendment song ever." 

"Be sure to listen to the song ... and if you cherish the Second Amendment, you just can’t help but get goose bumps!" the column says. "It’s a real shame that with over 90 million gun owners out there, and with the millions of songs produced, that there is only this 'modern day' song to get us fired up about one of our rights. There may be a few more songs out there, but this one has to be the best."


Iowa Law: Children Under 14 Cannot Fire Guns Even with Parental Supervision

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A Johnston father of two young daughters is joining with gun-rights advocates in seeking a change to an Iowa law that makes it illegal for children young than 14 to fire handguns.

Poor Persecuted Gun Owners Being Turned into Criminals for Owning "Sporting Rifles"

Ya get that? The law is MAKING them criminals.  It's not their decisions to not obey the law, it's the law's fault.

And did you notice how many times she said "sporting rifles?"  It sounds like a sinister conspiracy to purposely deceive the gullible listeners as to the true nature of those guns.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Isn't That Uncomfortable?

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Southern Beale's Irresponsible Gun Owners of the Week

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• April 9, 2014:1- A drunken Kingsport man was handling his 12-guage late at night when it accidentally fired, sending shots into his elderly neighbors’ house.
• April 13, 2014:A Chattanooga man thought he was “dry-firing” his 9mm Glock but — woopsies! — there was a bullet in the chamber. The gun fired through his living room window and took out a neighbor’s car tire.
Is there any reasonable person who doesn't agree that people like these two are unfit to own guns? Guys like these don't show up on anyone's statistics or on any surveys, at least not yet. It is my contention that misbehavior like this almost always precedes the tragedies that do show up on the statistics and surveys.
One strike you're out is the solution.