Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quote of the Day

Call me crazy, but I feel one of my responsibilities as a gun rights advocate is to show people that gun owners are reasonable, responsible people who aren’t a threat to the innocent. If I were to, say, walk into Chipotle carrying an AK at the combat ready, I’m pretty sure I’d accomplish the exact opposite. And I really couldn’t blame regular Joe for being afraid of me. Think about it, guys. If a cop walks into Chipotle with a rifle, people will get scared. If a soldier walks into Chipotle with a rifle, people will get scared. If some unknown guy walks into Chipotle with a rifle, especially if he’s carrying it at the combat ready, people are going to get scared. In America, carrying a rifle into a restaurant isn’t a normal act. Right or wrong, it scares people. And you won’t make people less scared of guns by intentionally scaring them with guns.

Source, which is well worth a read.

Do you want government dictating medical matters?

Isn't that the big gripe with "obamacare" (aka the affordable care act)?

Yet, people have no problem with the decision to give birth.

Anyway, this poster from the American Academy of Pediatrics seems appropriate:

South Carolina Gun Owner Kills his Son - Family Says Accident - Police Say Murder

WCBD-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Charleston, SC

Your NRA: Meet Robert Dowlut, NRA's General Counsel

Gosh, is the NRA's whole leadership comprised of racists, murderers, attempted murderers, bigots, sex offenders,
misogynists, felons, embezzlers, and petty criminals?

Meet Bob Dowlut--NRA General Counsel.