Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Christopher Vaughn, Husband, Father, Gun Owner

The Oswego man accused of staging the deaths of his wife and children to look like a murder-suicide spent an hour at a Plainfield shooting range the night before the murders, Will County court records show.

Newly released documents show Christopher Vaughn spent a half-hour at Mega Sports, a gun store and shooting range on U.S. 30 near Renwick Road, according to story published by the Sun-Times Media. The gun he allegedly used to shoot targets at the range was the same one found beneath his wife's feet on the day of the shooting, June 14, 2007, the story said.

A commenter named Grandpa Mike had this observation.

Am I the only one that sees an uncalled for inference to Mega Sports as somehow abetting his behavior the day after using their facilities ? How does mentioning Mega Sports in the story in any way relevant to his actions ? Just asking ...

Here's a fairly recent article on the trial.

What's your opinion? I think the fact that he went to the shooting range the night before helps describe what kind of guy he was. He was a cold-blooded normal-looking gun owner. Definitely a member of the illustrious Famous 10%, wouldn't you say?

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  1. I'm constantly amazed how gunloons--who always profess expertise in every technical, legal, and policy aspect of gunloonery--often fail to exhibit this great and powerful knowledge.

    The shooting range is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it allows the murderer an alibi as to why he has gunshot residue on his hands. Second, it establishes the murderer at least knew about the weapon and its use.

  2. Mikeb302000:

    Grandpa Mike has a point. I doubt that the liebralmeejah woulda made a point of saying that Vaughn spent a half hour at the local J.C. Penneys checking out carving knifes and such. 'Course it's lots easier to put gunshot holes in people without any "tells" v putting stabby holes in people.

  3. Cold and calculating, that's old Chris Vaughn